"Understanding the Impacts of Data Deficiencies During New Product Introductions"

This webinar addresses:

  • The important role of good & timely information on new product introductions
  • The causes for information deficiencies and how information builds your company’s foundation
  • How effectively managing compliance reporting reduces product launch delays, reformulations and unexpected costs, and directly contributes to revenue
  • How to track compliance at each stage of the life-cycle of new product introductions and improve information flows
  • The importance of creating a shared repository for improved access to information to foster cross-functional collaboration and streamline work-flows

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05/11/2017: Webinar - “Understanding the Impacts of Data Deficiencies During New Product Introductions”


05/2-3/2017: NYSCC Supplier’s Day


04/24-26/2017: IQPC Spring Cosmetic Compliance Event


04/4-6/2017: in-cosmetics Global


03/28/2017: “The Impacts of Information Deficiencies in New Product Introductions”


“Building A Regulatory Compliance Program: A New Dimension for Product Innovation and Compliance Reporting”

When you are building a Regulatory Compliance Program, much depends on the environment and culture in which you work. Successful Regulatory Compliance Programs work to unify several departments within an organization: legal, product development, creative, operations, marketing, regulatory, and quality assurance.


This webinar breaks this process down into 5 steps, and is available for download here.

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"The Hidden Costs of Information Deficiencies in New Product Development - and What You Can Do to Eliminate Them"

This paper examines how information deficiencies lead to issues that creates expensive delays, and offers next-generation solutions to eliminate them.


Find out the impact that industry trends have on new product introductions, the costs that both large and small companies experience, why these deficiencies occur, and how to solve them.

“The Impacts of Information Deficiencies in New Product Introductions”

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Too often, new products experience delays and unexpected costs due to difficulties in collecting, organizing, sharing, and accessing up-to-date information.  These information gaps cause launch delays, costly reworking of products and packaging, as well as create business and brand reputation risks that come from launching products that are not 100% compliant.


This webinar explores the types of information deficiencies, why they exist, and how to solve them.

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