Regulatory Content & Compliance Analysis

> A comprehensive database populated with regulatory information and rules spanning 53 countries. Access to this quarterly updated database provides users with:


Key Features

Quarterly updates to inform subscribers of all relevant changes to their affected items.


Receive a notification for updates that may require added attention such as reformulations or revised marketing claims.


Guided navigation simplifies and enhances user experience.


Ingredients are matched to related safety data and regulatory rules across the globe through Ithos’ patented process.

  • Keep current on the latest updates,  and mine critical information to optimize speed-to-market.
  • Rapidly retrieve results with a full-text search engine
  • Avoid reformulation by viewing restricted / prohibited ingredients across multiple jurisdictions early on
  • Reduce manual effort and duplication by integrating our regulatory content with your enterprise software

Modules Included

> Search Regulatory Restrictions -"Ithos Search"

Search global regulations for any current or future ingredients. Ithos Content covers over 53 countries and ranges from cosmetics and OTC drugs to chemical manufacturing, food and dietary supplements.

> Easily search Ithos’ regulatory information database by substance (INCI or CAS #), raw material, or by keyword.


> Match your current or potential ingredients to related safety data and regulatory rules across the globe.


> With a patented process that enables rapid integration of large datasets from multiple sources, our robust repository is flexible to meet emerging clients’ needs.

>Ingredient Screening for Compliance - "Ithos Writer"

Generate comprehensive ingredient screening reports in our "Writer" module that show the regulatory status of each ingredient in your current or potential formulas and indicate if they’re compliant, restricted or prohibited in the jurisdictions of your choice.


Get accurate ingredient information early on in formulation development and enter new markets confidently.

> Up-to-date global ingredient information in less time and in one location


> Comply with country-specific



> Decrease time spent on regulatory

research and analysis


> Easily identify restricted ingredients


> Avoid costly reformulations


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> Monitor Regulatory News - "Ithos Delphi"

Get the latest news about the substances you need, early on – easily organized, searched & archived, and delivered to you straight to your Inbox

Change how you get the regulatory news you need


Based upon your substances of concern, keywords, and sources, Ithos Delphi monitors and reviews over 65 articles every day into a curated news feed that is mapped to your ingredients and keywords.


> Researching industry news, legislation, and substance-specific regulatory articles has never been faster.


>Your customized news feed can be delivered to your inbox weekly, bi-weekly, or daily


View our 38 News Sources

> Access Safety Data Content - "Ithos Curate"

Reference toxicology information for substances and generate toxicology reports for an efficient mass-curation of content.


With Ithos Curate, users can quickly:

> Add ingredient and product information

> Cleanse existing data

> Tailor content to fit specific needs

Modular & Customizable

Ithos Solutions are module based, and are all part of the Ithos Information Network (IIN). They can be customized to your needs and can  integrate with your formulation platform. Let us know your company and regulatory goals and we will work with you to help meet your needs.

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Ithos is an information management company that has a deep knowledge in regulatory legislation that provides both solutions and SaaS offerings. Ithos helps companies efficiently deliver regulatory compliance reports, decrease time to market, create safety documents, and organize regulatory information.