Ingredient SAFE - Supplier Information Database

> A simplified and organized web based centralized location that allows companies to access reports and information from their suppliers.


Key Features

  • Centralized Collaborate Platform for: Secure permission based access to Product Ingredient Data
  • Advanced supplier Alert Signal when a supplier changes Data
  • Managed Supplier Content can be electronically shared to upstream work flow processes
  • Intuitive User Interface - Guided Navigation Tools to access data easily
  • Communicate with suppliers to obtain up-to-date documents and information
  • Easily Maintain existing documentation across multiple functional groups reducing data deficiencies
  • Documents uploaded by suppliers are automatically organized by file types that can be easily accessed, and later distributed
  • Reduce the disorganization from internal share drives and spreadsheets'
  • Clearly see and quickly notify suppliers when documents are missing or outdated


> Document Storage & Organization

Easily search and access documents - Certificate of Analysis, SDS, compositional breakdowns without the need for an internal shared drive


Includes full access and full text of supplier documents

> Supplier Portal

A portal for companies to connect with their suppliers and streamline information sharing, where suppliers can submit and edit their documents directly in the database.


Our authentication allows administrators to set user content permissions, ensuring that users only see what they are meant to see.

> Document Tracking

Stop Letting Data Deficiencies Hold You Back

Clearly see if documents are present, missing, or outdated with a clear symbol and color


Client manually uploads documents, and automated emails are sent to suppliers

> Data Mining

‚ÄčIn the IIN an organization can search for raw materials, or by supplier.

Disorganized information can slow product launches by delaying Formulation reviews. Companies need access to information, but are put on hold until the documents themselves can be located.


With the ability to share content across functions and departments, companies have timely reporting, provide efficient responses to regulators, and reduce product launch time.


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